Patent Cases Available for Placement

April 19, 2019

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We are happy to announce that the USPTO is issuing certificates to recognize practitioners who provide at least 50 hours of patent pro bono service to Georgia Patents during calendar year 2019.  Each personalized certificate will be signed by Commissioner of Patents Andrew Hirshfeld and William Covey, Director for the Office of Enrollment and Discipline.  In addition, the practitioners may also choose to have their names posted on the USPTO Patent Pro Bono website.  We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity!


A2497-1-P: Inventory Management System

Inventor, formerly in the hotel management industry, observed costly inefficiencies in inventory management systems. After learning how to program neural networks, Inventor developed an inventory management system. Unlike others on the market, the invention has machine learning capabilities, may integrate into existing systems' infrastructure, and possesses dynamic predictive functions to anticipate real-time events.

A2373-1-P: Locatable Sporting Goods Device

Inventor, is an avid sports fan, has spent his career implementing electronic technology and technological design to help businesses perform better. The invention is an improvement in tracking and locating sporting goods. The invention can be used across locator solutions and sports and is easier to use and less expensive than existing devices.

A3505-1-P: Method for Soluble 3D Printed Nails

Inventor, a recent Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering Graduate, has invented a unique manufacturing process for creating finger nails. Invention improves upon similar products with regards to health, convenience, customization. Invention uses known machinery and material in an interesting way to produce biodegradable and non-toxic nails at comparable prices to the consumer. Provisional patent expiration date: 02/28/2020.



A3351-1-P: Device for Washing Hair

Inventor, a registered nurse and single mother of 3 daughters, has invented a device which makes the process of washing  children's hair easier and more comfortable. The invention improves upon others hair washing devices in that it is lightweight, portable, less bulky, and more comfortable for both the washer and the individual whose hair is being washed.

A3428-1-P: Security Drone

Inventor, an army veteran of 4 years, has invented an improvement to drone technology which monitors and secures transactions in commercial locations. Invention improves upon existing technologies by utilizing facial recognition, bar code scanning, label printing, and real-time video recording.

A3387-1-P: System for Mounting Fabric onto Wall

Inventor, a patentee who helped establish his art field, has invented an improvement to his previously patented invention. The prior invention was  directed to securing fabric to a wall for soundproofing and decorating.  The current invention improves upon the traditional use of track systems for this field.   This improvement makes the product cheaper and faster to make and easier for the end-user to install.


A1327-4-P: Boot Extension

Inventor, who teaches pre-K, has invented a more convenient way to change the style of a shoe and height of a shoe. Invention is more economical and has more features and options than similar items.

A3459-1-P: Improvement to Shoe Attachment

Inventor, a 17 year old writer and motivational speaker who overcame learning challenges, has invented an improvement to a shoe attachment. The invention helps the wearer remember their goals and aspirations. It improves the art field by being reversible and customizable, and permits the user to memorialize their writings in a unique way.

A3391-1-P: Sandal Socks

Inventor, previously unable to wear sandals due to a medical condition, has invented a sock to wear with sandals. This invention improves upon known socks as the invention appears and feels as if the wearer is not wearing socks. Inventor has a working prototype.

A3345-1-P: Wearable Feminine Hygiene Product

Inventor, HBCU Alumnus and creator of a non-profit to help parents of school children, has invented an improvement to a wearable feminine hygiene product. Unlike similar products, this invention is reusable and less bulky.