Patent Cases Available

February 21, 2019

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We are happy to announce that the USPTO is issuing certificates to recognize practitioners who provide at least 50 hours of patent pro bono service to Georgia Patents during calendar year 2020.  Each personalized certificate will be signed by Commissioner of Patents Andrew Hirshfeld and William Covey, Director for the Office of Enrollment and Discipline.  In addition, the practitioners may also choose to have their names posted on the USPTO Patent Pro Bono website.  We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity!

Georgia PATENTS  would like to thank

Ryan Schneider of Troutman Sanders LLP for taking two cases since our last newsletter.


A3763-1-P: Twist Dryer

Inventor, having majored in cosmetology, has invented a novel hair twisting accessory for hairdryers. Inventor noticed a problem with how much time is being wasted by other conventional hair twisting products. This invention is faster, more secure, and produces more consistent results than other products. Potential AIA 102(b)(1) disclosure expiration: 03/15/2020.

A3625-1-P: Temporary Locking device (Removable/Mobile)

Inventor, a serial inventor, has invented a temporary door locking system. Invention improves upon other inventions as it is easier to use, transport, apply and remove.


A1577-2-P: Water Pot System for Plants

Inventor, an avid gardener, has created an invention that helps maintain both indoor and outdoor plants through a reminder system in an easier, cheaper, and more durable way than the existing products.


A3609-2-P: Shoe Design

Designer, a sneaker aficionado and first time designer, has created an ornamental design for shoes. Designer hopes to obtain a design patent covering the colors, shapes, and organization of features. Client has been selling shoes on line utilizing the design since May, 2019.


A3636-1-P: X-Ray Clip

Inventor, with 16 years of clinical dental experience, has invented an x-ray clip for use in the mouth. Inventor noticed patients were in pain when using a competitor's products due to size and shape of the x-ray clip. This invention is easier to use for the technician and more comfortable for the patient.

A3803-1-P: Batting Cage Ball Collection Device

Inventor, a former middle school baseball coach, has invented a novel ball gathering device for batting cages. Inventor noticed a problem with the inefficiency of gathering balls in the batting cage during or after batting practice. This invention is easier to install, suitable for all ages and skill levels, and it can be used for golf, baseball, tennis, or various other sports.

A3791-1-P: Method of producing a book

Inventor, a former middle school teacher and University of Georgia Alumnus, has invented a method for producing a book having moving parts for the education of teenagers. Inventor noticed that many of her students had lost passion and interest in studying. This invention is highly customizable by the manufacturer, academically and artistically inspiring to the users, and results in a more durable book than other products. Provisional Patent Expiration Date: 10/02/2020.

A2097-1-P: Clothing Attachment for Women’s Daily Usage

Inventor, a mother of two, has invented an attachment to women's clothing for carrying contents that would typically reside in a purse. Inventor noticed that her purse was vulnerable to security threats when her purse was stolen from under her pew at church. The invention improves upon similar products as it is attachable and detachable, has greater capacity, is multi-functional and water resistant, while simultaneously providing greater security for a woman's belongings.

A3807-1-P: Educational and Fun Game for All Ages

Inventor, a game enthusiast, has invented an educational and social game for all ages. Inventor wanted to create an entertaining game. Invention improves upon similar products because the game can be personalized for adults and children. It creates a sociable game for adults and creates a learning device for children.